Friday, August 31, 2007

My Pet's Buddy

A last minute invite to a wedding in Mississippi over the weekend has me scrambling for Reddy.

Miranda Murdock is My Pet's Buddy. She is wonderful and Reddy loves her. When I am working loooong hours, Miranda comes in the middle of the day to let him out to pee, give him some TLC, and a nice walk in the neighborhood. She leaves me notes about Reddy's disposition or what they do and see on their walks, like the time Reddy was spooked by the white statue of the Virgin Mary praying on a neighbor's front porch.

Since I am in between projects, I am on a tight budget and was looking for someone cheaper, like for FREE, like a friend who could stop by. But, I have a hard time asking people of this. Reddy is needy.

Someone told me about zookeepers, and I love their website and esp. their prices. $10 a night is great, plus they take him out several times. So I called them this morning, and of course they are booked. Hello Major Holiday! Hello Miss Procrastinator, nice to see you again.

Miranda comes to my rescue once again. I will be able to relax and have a great time knowing that Reddy is at home and being checked on.

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ritamac said...

You'll love the ladies that run Zookeeper. Not a real fancy place, just good folks who love animals.