Monday, August 6, 2007

Poo Biz

Once I became a dog owner and started using the dog park, I began a great habit – picking up after my dog. It is just the right thing to do. Granted, there are days when the runnies are a challenge to pick up after Reddy ("What in the world did you get into my friend?!") and I pray the home owner isnt watching me from their window smearing orange s__t across their lawn. Sometimes its hard to get up, but at least the effort is there. With my plastic bag waiting in hand as Reddy squats shyly and it takes him FOREVER to get it out ("COMMIT!" I sometimes yell in frustration) I probably look uncool to that person driving by, but what are you looking at? Keep your eyes on the road, we're doing business here.

There is no way around this one, dog doo is an environmental hazard!

The article from USA Today states "from mutt to blue-blooded champion, all dogs harbor so-called coliform bacteria, which live in the gut. The group includes E. coli, a bacterium that can cause disease, and fecal coliform bacteria, which spread through feces. Dogs also carry salmonella and giardia. Environmental officials use measurements of some of these bacteria as barometers of how much fecal matter has contaminated a body of water.

This wouldn't matter if pet dogs were as rare as pet chinchillas. But four in 10 U.S. households include at least one dog, according to the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association. The association's statistics also show that Americans owned 54.6 million dogs in 1996 and 68 million dogs in 2000. Of that total, 45% were "large" dogs — 40 pounds or more."

EW! So at our dog park, there will be mutt mitts to encourage pooper scoopers.

The costs of Mutt Mitts and their dispensers are afforable: For a complete set that includes a generic sign, aluminum dispenser, post, 800 mutt mitts, mounting hardware, made-in-the-USA, the cost is ONLY $174.75. And refills for 800 are $65.

These mitts can only encourage good habits from dog owners, and help keep Shreveport clean!

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