Saturday, August 4, 2007

Tails of Nashville dog parks

Downtown Shreveport
Downtown Shreveport,
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Nashville residents are crazy about their dogs, too! No one could have anticipated the enormous popularity of the city’s dog
parks. The city now has three official dog parks. Check out Nashville's dog park brochure.

I don't know if I agree about their exclusion of pit bull breeds from the dog park. That seems kind of mean. But perhaps the pit bull breeds have a more difficult time playing with the packs at the dog park.

Rules to consider...


Kathryn Usher said...

... and maybe black dogs shouldn't be allowed.

I wonder what Ken Foster at would have to say about excluding pit bulls.

I'm for any dog that is well behaved. And for owners who are well behaved. Which brings up the point... we don't scoop poop from our pets in SB Land. That's a culture challenge we'll have to overcome.

Dogblogger said...

I love Ken Foster's The Dogs who Found Me. Do you know him?

The rules from Nashville are just food for thought. I ran into a woman at Barkus and Meaux and was really surprised at her negative reaction to a dog park based on her sole fear of terrorist pit bulls running wild and attacking others.

I just want all information in hand when presenting our case for a dog park.

Christina said...

I think the dog park is a very good idea. They are like people..Not all of them will get along and if they don't, then don't let them play together. I have five dogs and they all get along fine. My mom has six dogs and they all get along fine. It's just a shame they don't have a bigger area to run in.

Kathryn Usher said...

I know Ken only through his blog and love of pit bulls.

Hey, I don't know much about dog parks... but is there a school of thought where you have two fenced areas so one side is for wee dogs and the other side is for bigger dogs? Or is that a concern?

Dogblogger said...

I think we need to consider fences. But it would sure be nice if it was a PRETTY fence. The idea of a chain-link does not excite me. But pehaps we can work on getting a pretty one...

WRZ said...

Juliana Hoffpauir:

There are over 2,000 dogparks in this country and the number that exclude pitbulls is less than 5.

You can make dogparks safer by creating 3 enclosures (2 for large dogs). Many new parks are being configured this way.

There are ther things you can do to make dogparks safer.

Follow the links below and consider yahoo groups for 2-way group messaging. Google groups are horrible and noone uses them.


Bill Zardus <--- 2-headed monster <--- 3-headed monster
That's me and my posse above = videos <-- Doggy Fundraising events
The group above is active primarily in Aug & Sep when
seasonal pools are closing and these events are occuring.

IL - Bloomington 2006 ***** Best photo album I have found = 2006

WRZ said...

To the best of my knowledge,
Austin only has one very small fenced dogpark which is not well designed.

The user group for that park is at the URL above.

You are setting the precedent that nearby parks will follow. Please make sure you do this in a manner that will make the park safe.

Bill Z