Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Milking it

According to Milton Hamel, the son of Charles and Marie Hamel, the property used to be a dairy farm in the 1950s. Charles Hamel was born and raised in Shreveport, and for years fought for lower milk prices.

He was an animal lover, too. He built a zoo, and it was open and free to the public.

When Clyde Fant Parkway was built, Milton and his two sisters donated the riverfront property to the city in memory of their generous parents.

As of 2:15p.m., the dog park petition has 323 signatures! And I am not counting the one from Milwakee, even though that was kind of her. Please keep it going. The Times asked today how many signatures we are seeking. As many as possible. The more signatures, I think the stronger the case. I don't know as many people in this town as you do, so please milk it. Harrass your dog-lovin' peeps.

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Dogblogger said...

According to my friend who reads historical books, there is an elephant buried somewhere on the property.