Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Neighborhood dog park

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West Austin Park is a small neighborhood park, similar to Columbia Park here in Shreveport. It use to experience modest use (even with its small pool and new swing set), but once the dog park moved on in it became THE Happy Hour destination.

The fenced-in, leash-free portion is funded by the Canine Social Club, a group of volunteers who raised over $10,000 after a campaign that included stories in the paper, door tags, rummage sales, and a block party. When the referendum was held, the votes flooded in.

"The city said they had more people send in their votes than in any other referendum they had seen before," said Marjorie Moore, Founding Member of the Canine Social Club.

The Canine Social Club is a group of volunteers that don't mind a little sweat, dirt under the nails, and the smell of dried dog dung.

Perhaps Barkus and Meaux or Shreveport Green will act as our fidiciary agent so we can start our fundraising soon, and get to clearing trails during the cooler months of October!