Thursday, August 9, 2007

Read all about it

The mission for Shreveport's dog park is in today's
Times (that's my "stand-in" featured in the photo, along with Reddy's doggie double, really).

Wow, some of those comments are "interesting" and someone didn't use their spell check. WHETHER you like it or not, dog owners and their dogs are not just fair WEATHER fans of their parks. They are year-round, all-weather users. Unless it is closed due to flooding. And it floods only occasionally, right?

The one thing the article didn't mention that I was trying to get across is the strong community a dog park can build. And this community is represented across the bored (just kidding, board), including retirees, students, single folks, marrieds-with-kids, etc.

And if the city's park department can budget $250,000 for a STONER SKATEBOARD PARK (which I am not mocking I think its really great if you know how to skate), I think we can find a bit of money for a dog park that can service a broader range of citizens and tourists, alike.

As for liability issues, you post a sign similar to a SWIM AT YOUR OWN RISK or SKATE AT YOUR OWN RISK. With an "official" off-leash area, there is a different set of rules. Children are not allowed in the park without adult supervision, and the dog owner visiting the dog park is a RESPONSIBLE pet owner subject to fine$ if his/her pet is out of control.


Noma said...

Ignore those rubes that leave comments after articles in The Times online. They hide behind their anonymity and try to make everything negative. I can barely read the paper.

Hang in there. What you're doing is a good thing.

Kathryn Usher said...

Noma's right... Folks who don't have enough guts to post using their own name are, for the most part, negative.

This effort needs t-shirts. Something with a cool design. But that's just me cause I love neat looking things with SB Land's name on them.

My daughter's friend created nifty shirts using stencils for them during the Harry Potter madness. Maybe we could tap that LSUS college student to design it and have a informal mixer where dog lovers could meet, make t-shirts and fire this effort up. Of course, if they were charged a little over the cost of what the t-shirts cost, the young artist could be paid a small honorarium and have her first professional credit... wow, the dog park love keeps growling...I mean growing.

Hey, wonder if Bill Robinson is a dog lover and could we borrow his fenced in yard for this t-shirt thing? Come to think of it I think Virginia Shehee loves dogs...

Dogblogger said...

I LOVE the t-shirt idea! And and and BUMPER STICKERS!

I am ALL for it. Let's talk.