Thursday, August 23, 2007

REPORT FROM AUSTIN: pedestrian bridge

Getting ahead of ourselves, we'll cross that bridge when we get to it

Hippie Keep Austin Weird bridge art

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cynthik said...

OK, trying to update myself here. As far as a location for the dog park, I think the best location would be between the Stoner Boat launch facility and the new skate park. Why? Many reasons, one... think it would be a good idea to have a place where you can purchase water, softdrinks, snack or meal nearby. I understand you can't bring food into the dog park, but having it nearby would be nice, especially until we can get water pumped into the dog park. You can eat with your pets at their covered area with picnic tables, you can't take the pets on the floating store/restaurant.

2...I think getting a water line going through the area would be easy due to the store/restaurant being there. I feel there needs to be water going to the skaters in their park anyway.

3...It's already shaded with rolling hills and is on the river side of the parkway. We would not be encroaching on anyone's area as some say we would be at Hamels. Caddo Caring Canines had an event there once, it was perfect.

I'm not sure which part of Veteran's Park you had mentioned earlier. Would we have to watch for flying frisbees?

4...I mentioned the idea to the mayor again. He said he goes to Austin many times and would like to see their dog parks. He inquired as to how much land we were interested in, I told him one or two acres. "That's all?" was his reply, I took that as a positive. I told him Lafayette was trying to get a dog park too and that New Orleans, Baton Rouge, and Lake Charles all have at least one dog park. I hear that Cypress Lake Park is going to get a dog park on their facility.

The mayor also said that he disregards the negative comments that have been stated in the newspaper blogs and printed opinions.

I wonder why many think that Shreveport's park wouldn't work, but all the others work. Is there something wrong with Shreveport? Why not us? And, this is NOT a place where thugs would bring their pit bulls.

With proper signage and positive, responsible dog owners that are ready to "self police" the park, I think all would be OK.

Keep Kathryn around, she's a good alliance.