Friday, August 10, 2007


Weekend itinerary:

Saturday I will be collecting "hard" signatures at PetSmart on Youree drive from 10am-2pm. Come and say hello.

Bark in the Park at 7:05pm


Barkus Coronation at the Mardi Gras Musuem (on Texas Street in Bossier) from 2pm til 5 pm. The tableau starts at 3pm. The band will be Professor Porkchop , and Shavers will be catering the event. YUM.

The cost is 35.00 and there will be a silent auction. All money raised helps to benefit animals in our area.

I wish I had t-shirts to sell here but maybe next time.

And then there is the Town Countil meeting...GULP. Never done this before. But I doubt I will be able to do it in Sept. due to INSANE work hours. So, NOW is the time. DO or DIE. Boy did I open up a can of worms.


Ashley said...

hello, I just wanted to say that I really really like your dogpark blog. it is extremely well-written, your arguments are well-thought-out, and it is very funny.
I truly hope you and Reddy can get the full support you need from your fellow Shreveportians(is that how you say it?)
Daisy and I will fully support you from Austin.
Love, your fellow dog-loving friend back in Texas

Dogblogger said...

Thanks Flash!