Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Stoner Dog Park?

I asked Tim Wachtel at SPAR for his opinion on how to make this dog park a REALITY. He wrote:

"I would suggest that you take the support that you have and ask for a dog park, somewhere in Shreveport. Perhaps suggest a site, but let the decision-makers have a say in that. I think that you really need to educate some folks about what a dog park is and who it is for. Maybe I'm wrong, but as I understand it, dog parks are for dogs like baseball parks are for baseballs. It's really about the people who care about their dogs. It's as much about getting outdoors and socializing as it is about dogs."

The educational campaign is under way. You, the reader, are talking with your friends about dog parks and its community benefits. Please continue to pass along the petition. Almost 50 more, and we have a thousand signatures! There are many model dog parks across the country that provide educational tools for those who may not know what a dog park truly is. Please visit these websites.

A Shreveport dog park supporter has SUGGESTED Stoner as the first offical off-leash destination.

Dog Park Destination Suggestions
1. Veterans' Memorial
2. Hamel's Memorial
3. Stoner

Where else?


Roxanne said...

Where in the city are these parks? I just moved here and have no idea.


PS I can't believe a city of this size does not already have multiple dog parks.

Dogblogger said...

These parks are along Clyde Fant Parkway, which is along the west side (SHREVESIDE) of the Red River.


Anonymous said...

I am feeling better and have been out cleaning the stoner trails everybody come out and bring your dog
Jason Scott