Thursday, September 6, 2007


This guy is special, LOOK AT HIM! The pup looks like a love---a border collie/spaniel cross perhaps?

I dont think I can post every rescue dog that makes his/her way into the mailbox is an email, please fwd this info on...:

This little (35-40 lbs, my guess) male dog was tied to an old truck
and neglected. The owners made it clear they had no use for him and
allowed me to take him. He is very affectionate, and I think would make
a very sweet pet. He was scared when this picture was taken at the

I had to take him to Animal Control as I had no where to keep him.
The pound tries to keep adoptable dogs, but I was informed there is
currently no room, so he has until September 12th to find a home or be
put down.

I would be glad to pay the springing (adoption) fee and help with
shots, etc. If you know anyone who might even be willing to serve as a
foster parent (I'll be glad to provide food too), please let me know.

If someone wants to call me, my cell is (504) 289-9006, and my e-mail


Kathryn Usher said...

You know how Trudeau has his two blogs, Shreveport and then Shreveport Faces? You could have the dog blog and then a Shreveport Dogs/Pets blog where you post pictures of dogs and owners or just lost or found dogs. Just a thought...

Dogblogger said...

I thought you were going to do that! :)

Kathryn Usher said...

It's just been so hot... wah-wah-wah... But Joe Haynes says cooler weather next week...