Sunday, September 9, 2007

Return to Veterans'

Veteran's Park is a dog park waiting patiently to happen. Let's give this urban green space the respect it deserves! It is heart-breaking, and almost criminal, to see such beautiful land go unused. SOME people are using it, but they leave behind trash and smells of urine and other mysterious odors.

There is an old light tower, with the bulbs missing and the wires cut and exposed. There are the remains of multiple terraces, a pier (that would make a good dog launch, said Will), a good-sized pond, a look-out tower that rots on top of the cliff that overlooks Clyde Fant Parkway. Numerous trails wind up and around the pond. There is a gate that separates the park from the Veterans' hospital parking lot. There is a closed gate in front of the road from Clyde Fant that leads up to an abandoned parking lot waiting for cars to stop and let the dogs out.

Veterans' has so much potential. And it can be made safe with some clearing and better access. Throw in the dogs. Hokus-pokus. Wah-la.


Kate said...

Veterans and Stoner are great!
Veterans was almost like (well not really, but as close as we'll get here) hiking Franklin Canyon in L.A. Maddie thought she was back out west for a moment . . .

ognirrats said...

I remember Vetern's Park from the 1970's before the juevenile deliquint's took it over. There were many great activities and concerts that went on there (Stevie Ray Vaughn and Heart played there)! But, punks decided to tear it up and the city decided that it was more politically expedient to close the park then to punish the offenders. Shreveport PD conducted a raid and "encountered" a number of juveniles destroying public property. Well, "good ole boys'" kids were not held accountable. Instead they closed Veteran"s Park. Maybe the little deliquints have moved on and it may be a safe place for citizens and their families again. If so, it would be a great location!

trudeau said...

Sadly, I believe the local public is generally negative in regards the possibilities at Veterans Park. It's a shame.

I think it could be rehabbed. And your dog park concept might be the key to reclaiming that neat terrain.