Thursday, September 13, 2007

Dog parks create educational opportunities

Tim Wachtel of SPAR sent me a LINK to the American Society of Landscape Architects with an inspiring article about how some school kids in Idaho and Montana designed dog parks!

It took the fourth and fifth grade students 10 weeks in the classroom to complete the project which culminated in presentations to the school board and city council.

"The dog park project served many educational goals, including introducing students to the landscape architecture profession. Students also worked on their math skills with budgeting and mapping, research skills (including on-site research), science and thinking skills with planning, and communication skills with writing, drawing, and public speaking. The students worked both in small groups and as a whole throughout the dog park project. Some of their assignments included designing signage, defining problems and program elements, and drafting site plans using online 3-D mapping tools."

Since most kids have a natural affinity for dogs, the kids' were enthusiastic about their project.

Maybe we can get our students to do the same, particularly with the budget. I still hate math.


Kate said...

as the saying from Monty Python In Search of the Holy Grail goes. . . "release the hounds"

Tour de Shreveport said...

This would be awesome to get a school involved. Caddo Magnet High is just "inches" away from the Stoner and Veteran's park sites. Or maybe a boy scout -- don't they have to have intense projects when working on their eagle scout certifications?

cynthik said...

Caddo Magnet High has a club caled "Animal House", they volunteer at the shelter and at community animal related events, the school also has other service clubs. My sister,Susan Keith, is the teacher in charge of the animal club and will encourage her students to get signatures on the petition. Youree Drive Middle School has the "We Care Club" and Caddo Middle Magnet may still have a dog club and cat club.