Sunday, October 14, 2007

St. John's Bayou

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While I am working in New Orleans for six weeks, I am staying with a friend off Esplanade near St. John's Bayou. I enjoyed exploring the area this weekend and have decided I really really dig it.

And Reddy loves it, too. He has come alive again. He now walks me, and is busy sniffing around the hood. There are tons of cats, and I add that to my list of How New Orleans Reminds Me of Some European City or Third World Country.


Unknown said...

Nifty cool! We had our first dog on our ghost hunting tours this weekend. We're thinking about organizing a dog walk of downtown Shreveport in the near future.

Hope work is going well.

Dogblogger said...

Hey Kathryn!

I like your downtown dog walk idea. Especially now that it is getting cooler!

Book Reddy and I for one in about a month.