Friday, June 19, 2009

Tell SPAR "Basic" or "Better"

Shreveport Dog Park Alliance is currently in Stage 4 of the Project Milestones for Shreveport's first official dog park. Stage 7 is the Grand Opening! In order to get to Stage 5 FINALIZE DOG PARK PLAN, Shreveport Parks and Rec need to hear from YOU!
Compare the two designs and also the budgets from the last post and decide what you want.

I vote for BASIC DOG PARK because it costs less, has room for expansion, and would probably get more support.

I also let Tim know that I dont think we need TWO doggy fountains (in order to cut down costs). Just one outside the MAIN ENTRANCE

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

SPAR updates Dog Park Plan


It's been two months since my last update and I have been trying to get a topographic survey of the Veterans Park site. (It's due to be done May 27) Without the survey I can't do a real plan, but I got impatient and used the old schematic drawing from February (attached) and came up with some quantities and costs for a "Basic Park" a "Better Park" and some other items. (See the attached Program and Cost for Dog Park.pdf) The Basic Park is about an acre, smaller than the February drawing, and the Better Park is 1 3/4 acres. All the costs shown are estimates based on contractor installation.

After I get the survey I can do a layout so you can see what this will all look like.

Tim Wachtel, ASLA, Planner III
Shreveport Public Assembly & Recreation
505 Travis Street, Suite 560
Shreveport, LA 71101
Phone: (318) 673-7721
Fax: (318) 673-7878

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Shreveport Dog Park Needs Friends

If you are interested in joining SHREVEPORT DOG PARK ALLIANCE, comment here with your email address.

Tim Wachtel of SPAR is seeking an official name for the dog park and an official GROUP (dog park users) that will help run the park.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Shreveport Seeking Dog Park Design

Tim Wachtel, a Shreveport Public Assembly & Recreation landscape architect and City park planner, wrote in a mass email sent Thursday that he has started work on designing a public dog park. However, he would like to hear from the future park users.

"I could just sit in my corner and come up with something, but I believe that the best parks are designed with input from the ultimate users and from those who operate and maintain them, " he wrote.

Wachtel says that he is willing to receive comments, ask & answer questions, and write project updates. He also would like help getting a "Dog Park Contact Group" email list so that he can send out the project schedule, post updates, and maintain communication.

If you want to participate, email