Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Red River Master Plan Open House
Thursday, June 26
5-8 pm
Stoner Boat Launch Pavillion

The Clyde Fant Parkway Rec Plan, 2nd draft, is now available to the public. Tim Wachtel of SPAR sent it over to me to share it with the dog park people.

Are you still reading this blog? Sorry, I live in New Orleans now so some priorities have shifted. But I still believe in a dog park for Shreveport's future. My niece and nephew are growing up there, and dog parks are cool.

The revised MASTER PLAN indicates the pubic's request for a dog park, but it was not in the TOP THREE requests (read it to see what did make the top three).

The plan notes flooding issues along the Red River, including both the Hamel beach area site and above the Stoner Boat Launch area. HOWEVER, I do believe a dog park can be in a flood zone because the site is maintained (dog poop IS picked up by owner, or else...) with little infrastructure.

And then there is the little hidden secret of VETERANS. I have heard RUMORS of the Veterans' site being considered by the city for luxury loft condo gated easy street living facilities. So perhaps that is why this place exists in a sad state, just waiting to be rescued and loved. But the Master Plan does recognize this area as a good potential spot. The only thing that needs to be done here is a major clean-up effort because it is hidden by trees and more trees, therefore invisible and dangerous.

Please note: The Shreveport Dog Park Petition is still in circulation with over 1,100 signatures...

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

NOLA: City Bark

Plans for the first official dog park in New Orleans can be seen and read about in this week's cover story in Gambit Weekly. The location of the dog park is destined to a little-used area of the park, and it is believed that the addition of the official unleashed area will boost the City Park attendance significantly to more than pre-storm numbers. There will be a pass fee, and access will be granted through a type of swipe card.

Part of City Park's master plan, the design of the 4.6 acre dog park area is well-researched and thoughtful, with features such as a dog wash area and future dog agility course. Says Bob Becker, City Park CEO:

"It means several things for City Park. First, it responds to public demand.Secondly, it's just going to be cool. The committee that's been formed to do it is very gung-ho. With any successful project, if you peel back the layers, you can find a core group that has that passion; this group has that. It's a great way to promote socialization of people. I know it sounds corny, but it could be a great healing place, too."

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

2008:Year of the Dog


It takes a leader to make Shreveport's dog park a reality. Who will it be?
I hate to start something and not finish it, but alas, I have moved to New Orleans. I am no longer the Shreveport dog park leader. Consider me the instigator.
I think Shreveport has a lot of potential, and others agree (see petition) a dog park would be the perfect amenity for a city that wants to nurture its creative, modern, young, professional, retired class.

There needs to be more options in this town, and being outdoors with your pup, socializing with other people is a healthy way to achieve this.

Thanks to all of my Shreveport dog owner friends, especially Kathryn Bloomfield who worked tirelessly on the presentation we have sent out to Shreveport city officials. and thanks to the talented Emily Ellis Welch who designed this awesome logo that I hope to one day see on a cap or t-shirt. It is adorable.

Happy New Year!