Monday, July 30, 2007

Today's headline

Today's headline in the Shreveport Times

is interesting to me because I am from Austin and last year I moved to Shreveport. The article talks about the young professionals' flight from their hometown of Shreveport for many reasons, including a lack of career opportunities and social amenities, for cities that offer a more appealing lifestyle. I moved from Austin to Shreveport for opportunities in the film industry. I had changed careers, and it was more advantageous for me to start here from the bottom and work my way up rather than do this in Austin.

I have a fierce loyalty and love for my hometown of Austin but these days the traffic is horrible and the property taxes are depressing. Now that I am living and working here in Shreveport, I can see potential here. My parents remind me that when they moved to Austin in 1970, the population was that of Shreveport's today. The beautiful and bustling hike and bike trail in downtown Austin today was a nasty riverfront area then. Recreation along Town Lake (now called "Lady Bird Lake") helped revitalize the downtown area.

A leash-free area at Hamel Memorial park could help increase recreational activities in the downtown area. Great amenities for a community that is trying to lure young, healthy professionals!

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