Friday, July 27, 2007

Simple Reason

I miss the dog parks from my hometown of Austin. After I adopted my big mutt, I discovered there were 12 dogparks in the city! The first one I took him to, Red Bud Isle, ended up being our favorite. The "island" was a small park where my dad used to take me and my brother fishing when we were little. Off a small parking lot from a low-water bridge, Red Bud Isle sits below the dam between Lake Austin and Town Lake (I guess now "Lady Bird Lake"). An old dirt trail winds around the island through thick trees. The last time we went fishing there was when the island seemed to be invaded by moccasins and shady-looking bums.

But sometime in the years between my youth and adulthood, Red Bud Isle was designated a leash-free dog park. Every time I take Reddy there, I am thrilled that this beautiful island is being properly utilized! It feels safe there now, and dog owners really are the best stewards of the place. Dispensers with poop bags are used, and volunteer clean-up and beautification days can be fun.

I met some good friends there!

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