Friday, July 27, 2007

Dog parks create community

An off-leash area can benefit the community in many ways
• Groups of dogs and owners can revitalize little-used areas to socialize
• Dog parks foster community feeling -- dog park users get to know each other well
• Dog parks are desirable neighborhood amenities for newcomers
• Dog parks keep the animals away from children and people who don’t like them
• Leash-free areas promote responsible pet ownership
• Dog parks provide a tool for enforcing dog control laws
• Dog parks promote public health and safety since the dogs who use the park must be licensed and vaccinated
• Dog parks help keep other public spaces free of feces
• Well-socialized dogs are less aggressive towards people and other dogs
• Off-leash dog parks provide a place for dogs to socialize with each other, getting the physical and mental exercise they need to be good companions and

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